Each part of the walk-in test chamber Features


Walk-in test chamber is suitable for electrical and electronic components, communications components, auto parts, metals, chemical materials, college, research, plastics, aerospace, military industry, BGA group pull, electronic chip, IC ceramic physics of semiconductors and polymer materials offerings change, test the material for high temperature chemical change or physical harm of repeated expansion and contraction of output, you can confirm the quality of products, from precision IC to heavy mechanical components, and both need it, is an ideal test tool . Hot and cold shock chamber, used to test the material structure or composite material, degree in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperature environment can tolerate continuous, it can be used as a basis for improvement of their products or reference.
Refrigeration compressors: core cooling system compressor, this scheme we use two sets of Germany imported "Bitzer" semi-hermetic scroll compressor, composed of a cascade refrigeration system to ensure the cooling requirements of the studio . Cascade refrigeration cycle system includes a high pressure and a low pressure refrigeration cycle, which is connected to the evaporator vessel, evaporative condensers features for the evaporator as a condenser of the low pressure cycle with a high-pressure cycle.
Emerson oil separator: Is there enough refrigeration compressor oil, will directly affect their life, if frozen oil into the system, in particular the heat exchanger, will greatly reduce its performance. Therefore, the system must be set oil separator .
Condensate evaporator: Taiwan company producing brazed plate heat exchanger, which heat exchanger consists of a number of adult-shaped corrugated sheet suppress corrosion resistant stainless steel sheet composed of a pair of adjacent opposite corrugated stainless steel sheet orientation, corrugated Topline intersect each other constitute a large number of contact pads, due to the complexity of the contact cross-network channel is formed so that both sides fluid turbulence, improve heat transfer to increase the strength, while the strong turbulence and smooth stainless steel surface makes brazed plate heat exchange the channel surface is not easy to scale, using this heat to overcome the past in this part of domestic high-temperature chamber size large, heat transfer is poor, low efficiency, and the system resistance is also reduced to a minimum.
Damping: The damping spring compressor, refrigeration system as a whole secondary vibration; refrigeration system piping used to increase R and brass elbow way to avoid deformation due to vibration and temperature changes caused by, resulting in cooling system piping rupture .
Evaporator: evaporator located inside the duct dissection lab at one end by the blower motor forced ventilation, rapid heat transfer.
Cooling aid: The test chamber refrigeration system other auxiliary parts are imported components. Such as the United States, "Emerson" solenoid valve, two-way hand valves, safety valves, Europe and America, "Emerson" pressure controller, oil separator, the United States, "Emerson" near the exhaust valve, an expansion valve, filter drier, Denmark, "Danfoss" DANFOSS condensing pressure control, the Anglo-American "Wocom" RANCO hydraulic safety controller, the United States, "Emerson" shock hoses.
Volume adjustment measures: to ensure thermal shock chambers, thermal cycles box under the premise of the main technical indicators, depending on the cooling rate and temperature range of the system to adjust cooling capacity is indispensable, for which we consider in addition to the aforementioned The corresponding additional energy mitigation measures, such as the evaporation temperature regulation, energy regulation, energy regulation hot gas bypass to ensure that the premise of meeting the major technical indicators, reduce equipment energy consumption.
Low line: high-quality oxygen-free copper tube cryogenic piping, nitrogen and specialized welding pipe technology and other go, high-quality oxygen-free copper pipe welding nitrogen (the traditional way using ordinary brass, direct welding, easy to make the inner wall of brass produce oxide, resulting in cooling system blockage, so that the chamber does not cool down or cools slowly), the process to ensure the quality of welding.
Cooling System Cooling: water (cooling towers), should be noted that the water-cooled cooling method is not suitable for the northern cold weather, customers need to choose the north wind cooling.
Refrigerant: The United States imported Holly Virgin environmentally friendly refrigerant (R404 + R23).

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