Cleaning the condenser on cold shock boxes


Hot and cold shock boxes should be fixed once every three months to clean the condenser: For the refrigeration system using air cooled condenser fan should be regular maintenance, decontamination and dust the condenser in order to ensure good ventilation heat transfer performance; for cooling water-cooled refrigeration system, in addition to ensure the water pressure, water temperature within the specified range, it must also ensure the appropriate flow and regular cleaning of the condenser be cleaned inside, to get its persistent heat transfer performance.
When the case of low temperature for a long time to do, when done after a period, set the temperature to 110 degrees, the small size of the box door to do two hours defrosting process. And should insist on completion of each test, the temperature is set at near ambient temperature for 30 minutes, then cut off the power, and clean the inner wall of the studio.
Thermal Shock Chambers should be cleaned regularly evaporator: Due to different test cleanliness levels, in the forced air circulation effect, will unite a lot of dust and other small particles objects on the evaporator, it should be cleaned regularly.
Waterways, humidifiers cleaning: if poor water humidifier humidifier scaling easily lead to dry, a humidifier may be damaged, it must regularly thermal shock chambers waterways, humidifiers cleaning.
Thermal Shock Chambers To move preferably under the guidance of technical staff, in order to avoid damage, such as customer self relocation, we must have a professional electrician before turning on power to confirm the correct operation of the circuit, otherwise it will burn hot and cold shock chamber related components.
Long-term shutdown is not used regularly every half power, power time is not less than one hour, and related components to detect thermal shock chambers run correctly.

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