Walk-in constant temperature and humidity inside the calibration


Walk-in constant temperature and humidity inside the calibration is how, high and low temperature, room temperature and humidity and so on with the same thermal shock chamber tank calibration, mainly in the following 10 areas:
1, take nine K-type thermocouple wire were placed on the studio, the middle and lower layer, the upper and lower thermocouple wires laying on the floor of the four corners of the location, and the middle of the thermocouple wire cloth should be placed center position.
2, do first temperature fluctuation detection, read the thermometer or hygrometer temperature or humidity value of each point, taking the maximum and minimum values, and the difference is half the temperature fluctuation, dubbed ± number, its value It should be less than ± 2 ℃.
3, then do temperature stability testing, to test the center of the middle value of temperature or humidity, temperature or humidity value at this point, as a reference value of temperature or humidity, and then measuring the temperature of the other points, its value and the reference value of temperature or humidity The difference should not be greater than 3.
4, the boot device, according to the testing needs to set the temperature or humidity, the temperature in the studio after the set value 2H begin testing.
5, according to the test results after the judgment was department head for approval.
6, when approved by the department head, to be judged unqualified person shall make a "scrap", "suspended" and other decisions and signature.
7, according to V. After six of the judgment to be marked, labeled according to the method "test equipment calibration operation measures" to implement.
8, the principle of calibration temperature 20 ± 5 ℃ environment, in accordance with the relevant provisions of other "test equipment calibration work approach."
9, according to the label after making seven, homing and recorded in the "quantity gage calibration equipment resume."

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