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Universal Testing Machine SHA series electro-hydraulic (computer screen)
First, the functions and features:

1. Test machine with manual back valve control, hydraulic loading, electronic measurement, computer automatic data processing, mainly to complete the stretch of metal materials and non-metallic materials, compression, bending test, in full compliance with: GB / T16826-2008 " electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine "and GB / T228-2002" metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method "standards; and meet: the test requirements ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards in the material. It can automatically strike on yield, lower yield strength, non-proportional elongation strength, total elongation prescribed strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation at maximum force and other mechanical properties of various materials. After the increase accompanied to be completed: mechanical testing of high-strength bolts, chains, wire rope and other materials.
2. Test machine host with dual screw in beam transmission mechanism, under hydraulic cylinder position, fully open jaw seat, easy to install the sample, good stability, attractive appearance.
3. Using the computer to complete the acquisition during the test setting test parameters, test data and test curve, processing, analysis, storage and display (data include: elastic modulus E, tensile strength Rm, upper and lower yield point ReH, ReL other indicators, etc.).
4. Windows computer screen display with dedicated software tester, measuring each material according to the standard national standard or user-provided
Performance parameters, and test data, statistics and processing, the output print test curve and test reports of various requirements.

Second, the main technical parameters: 


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