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Products: radiator pipe burst test bed for automotive air conditioning system condenser, evaporator, hydraulic hose assembly, metal pipes, oil pipelines, pressure vessels, valves, car radiators, radiator, intercooler, blast oil cooler and other products, compressive strength test equipment radiators blasting (pressure) test station Technical Parameters Features:

1. Test medium: water, oil, ethylene glycol or other liquids;

2. Medium temperature: -50 ~ 250 ℃ arbitrary;

3. Drive pressure: 0 ~ 1.2Mpa; 0 ~ 10Mpa;

4. Applicable pipe diameter: 3-200mm

5. Output pressure: the maximum output pressure up to 500Mpa (according to need can choose any pressure range);

6. Control mode and data recording.

(A) manual control, with memory pointer table, the peak meter or secondary instrument recording with micro-printer;

(B) microcontroller or PLC control, secondary instrument records have leak alarm function, with micro-printer;

(C) computer control, preset test pressure, boost, pressure, relief and other parameters, the system automatically adjusted according to the instruction, control testing process, packing process does not consume energy, do not produce noise. And having statements experimental curve output;

7. A typical computer test program are:

(A) constant speed boost - Blasting

(B) constant speed boost - packing - Blasting

(D) constant speed boost - holding pressure - relief

(E) Constant speed boost - packing - constant speed boost - packing - until blasting

8. Using special fixture, you can hose, hose assemblies and efficient radiator with different fixtures. Production Line for rapid testing;

9. The changes in test volume expansion; (initial volume of water-filled hose to a pressure rise when the amount of change to the set pressure hose volume of content, the accuracy of measurement can change the minimum volume of at least 0.1ml);

10. Boost Rate: 0 ~ 120MPa / min;

11. During the test, the pressure can be automatically compensated;

12. The computer controlled functions can be freely set water-filled exhaust time, dwell time, inflated cleaning time, the test pressure during the test can be set single-stage or multi-stage holding pressure test, it can also protect directly after blasting pressure, Boost speed can be kept constant, enabling stepless adjustment of test data and curve parameters can be displayed in real time, can automatically save the test results, and any print test report; equipped with a color printer (A4 paper) compatible with OFFICE office software, networking, you can edit the test report;

13. The emergency stop equipment can be manually dismount sample and internal pressure;

14. The sample is mounted inside the blasting blasting, blasting me with security observation window and lights, easy to observe the changes through the observation window and blasting hose test case;

15. After completion of the test, the ability to blow out residual liquid inside the pipe;

16. radiator burst test station main components imported, reliable quality and long service life.

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