• Product name: Radiator wind tunnel performance test bed
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 system introduction

  The radiator performance wind tunnel test-bed suitable for cars, tractors, construction machinery engine, radiator, cooling performance test of fan coil air heater。

  一、Pilot projects:

  1、Thermal Performance Test

  2、Air resistance test (referred to as the drag test)

  3、Water resistance test (referred to as water resistance test)

  二、Computer Testing and Controlling radiator duct system components:

  1、Cylindrical wind tunnel test

  2、Fan Frequency Control System

  3、fan frequency control system

  4、Industrial Computer Control System

  5、Electrical and power distribution

  三、Key performance indicators (discussed in reference):

  1、Fan speed:3.0~15.0M / s (Frequency, PID control)

  2、Circulating water flow:0.2~15M 3 / h (Frequency, PID control)

  3、Circulating water temperature:50~95℃(PID control)

  4、Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.05℃

  5、Pressure measuring accuracy:±0.1pa

  6、Thermal equilibrium error (average):≤±3.5%

  7、The maximum size of the radiator test positive:800×800

  8、The minimum size of the radiator test positive:200×200

  9、Ambient temperature:5~35℃

  10、Computer Control System ambient temperature:15~30℃

  四、Functions and Features:

  1、Use an ordinary fan, fan variable frequency drive, variable speed, significant energy saving;

  2、Circulating pump frequency drive, to adapt to different specifications and types of specimens;

  3、Gas and water is measured using a modular structure, simultaneous measurement, no time lag;

  4、Inlet air temperature acquisition mode: the establishment of temperature field;

  5、Time data synchronization measurements have:

  ● Water temperature

  ● Water temperature

  ● Circulating water flow

  ● Inlet air temperature

  ● Air temperature

  ● Wind (wind speed)

  ● Water resistance

  ● Water resistance

  6、Radiator cooling performance computing finishing depicts characteristic data warehousing and test report;

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