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Radiator corrosion test station, internal corrosion test stand, internal corrosion test station, inside the water tank corrosion test station

Product Description:


Internal corrosion test station for aluminum tanks, internal corrosion test heater radiator movement and water-cooled oil cooler aluminum engine coolant simulation work under the cloud and the invasion of destructive testing internal corrosion test station is mainly used for automobile heater cores internal sub-tank corrosion endurance test. The test device durable and can be set according to the test needs to provide a stable liquid temperature and flow test. Test Equipment circulatory system sealed to ensure that the solution does not distribute volatile odor. Final positioning test equipment design and measuring devices will be determined by the buyer and supplier negotiation. Test procedure a complete file specification major technical indicators.

1. Device upper and lower parts, the upper part of the product test positions, the lower half pipes, valves and other systems, hot water tanks, and control section and the like.

2. The apparatus is provided with insulation and ventilation functions have to control the device temperature operating surface and part of the human body can not be too high or too low, contact the operator to cause burns or frostbite.

3. Equipment heating pipes should be wrapped in insulation to prevent inadvertent contact person.

4. Test cabin has lighting facilities, can be designed to test the door on visual observation window on the test pieces for real-time monitoring.

Tank internal corrosion test station test project

1. The heater core internal corrosion;

2. The tank internal corrosion;

Internal corrosion test bench Technical Specifications

1. Use of media: ① water, glycol solution or a mixture of both;

②ASTM water corrosion: Corrosive water can be obtained by a certain amount of distilled or deionized water was prepared following amounts of anhydrous sodium dissolved: sodium 148mg, sodium 165mg, sodium bicarbonate 138mg, 20 ℃ add distilled water or deionized water that the final solution to 1L;

2. The heater core, water flow: In order to meet the heater core and radiator flow tests are more accurate two-way system, namely: 0 ~ 50L / min, 0 ~ 200L / min (in this area can be adjust)

3. Liquid pressure: 0-250kPa;

The medium temperature range: room temperature ~ 120 ℃ (must be less than the boiling point of water and glycol medium)

5 heater core, water flow independent control, can be tested simultaneously.

6-robin fashion: the outer loop

7 TS internal corrosion test bench testing process:

1, flow 15L / min (time 16h, 105 ℃) - Flow 0L / min (time 8h, room temperature); total 1440H, after the test should still meet the tightness and pressure resistance requirements

2, ASTM corrosion inside the water in accordance with ASTM G85 neutral salt spray conditions and ethylene glycol to perform, before 72H, filling 50% and 50% coolant water corrosion, and the remaining time filling 17% of coolant and 83% corrosion of the water, temperature 104 ± 3 degrees, flow 0.315 ± 0.019 l / s, flow schedule: Monday through Friday open 18H, close 6H, 24H weekend continuous flow. Test time 2000H.

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