• Product name: Radiator salt spray corrosion test chamber
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  • Added time: 2016-01-18
  • specification: SQ-090
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  • Product Category: Automotive industry test area
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1. Device structure design advanced, rational, functional components supporting products and domestic advanced level, able to adapt to long-term stability, security and reliable test requirements. And the use, operation, easy maintenance, long life, attractive appearance, a good user interface, allowing users to operate and monitor both more simple and intuitive.

2. Equipment main components made by international and domestic brands manufacturers of quality products to ensure quality performance machine.

3. Equipment breakthrough the traditional concept of salt spray chamber, salt spray corrosion has usually functions, but also in combination with alternating (cyclic) salt spray test function, with the salt spray, heat, refrigeration and other test environments. Compared with the traditional salt box, salt spray, drying, heat, refrigeration and other corrosive effect of the product cycle of more realistic, because the products are transported in wet and dry environments, storage, use, therefore, should be more accelerated corrosion testing machine We can realistically simulate this environment, and foreign study also showed that: cyclic corrosion corrosion rate with respect to the structure, morphology are very close to outdoor corrosion, and outdoor corrosion has excellent correlation, and the inclusion of common test areas, the more An increasing number of automotive industry requirements for multi-stage trials of the salt spray, drying, heat, refrigeration combined cycle.

The two samples were placed inside the box design, to improve the performance of the chamber, designed the two samples were placed, the top layer can be some small pendant testing and test the standard model, the lower layer can be relatively large three-dimensional Test three-dimensional pieces, which greatly increases the usable area of ​​the chamber.

5. The two intake reduced pressure, to ensure that the spray pressure is stable.

6. The import attempts to prevent the nozzle, corrosion resistance, small size, uniform settlement.

7. Perfect protection functions (water, super-wet, overload, etc.) and fitted with voice, alarm, stop function.

8. Spray compressed air saturation process, ensure that the test environment condition is stable and effective to prevent nozzle clogging.

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