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Hail impact test machine | PV hail impact tester [brand] yet

First, the system components
1. Air emission device: power source for the air pressure of about 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, the need for a gas storage device to store the air conditioner pressure by adjusting the air pressure changes to adjust the launch tube puck emission rate change. Air emission device with the required hardware, including high-pressure gas source, pressure device (regulator and storage barrels), the trachea and the solenoid valve.

2. Mechanical mobile device: computer-controlled mechanical transmission device to change the barrel shift position, pointing infrared aiming to do. Wherein the mechanical movement of stepper motor drive to achieve, stepper motor with positioning fast and accurate advantage, positioning requirements can be completed in a very short period of time, positioning accuracy of less than 1mm, the experiment accumulated error is less than 5mm, far less than the IEC standards requirements specified position deviation is not more than 10mm of requirements to ensure the reliability of the experiment.

3. The sample holder: depending on the sample size to the design of mechanical mobile devices and sample holder. Standard size 2400 * 1300 (L * H), to cover the effective surface of the standard 2000 * 1000 test assembly. Sample holder using SUS304 # stainless steel plate and strip steel, mechanical mobile device using special aluminum processing.

The speed test devices: stand before the launch tube, the distance between the two photoelectric sensors 50cm, with v = s / t to get the speed, real-time display, the next time the sample speed and other changes. Speed ​​test apparatus includes a detection sensor, high-speed response modules and software modules of three parts. The system uses stable performance of photoelectric sensors and programmable controllers to achieve, and provides human-machine interface as HMI operator terminals, with external printer form experimental data report.

Second, the principle
Compressor to compress the air tank, external pressure gauge and 25mm diameter barrel, connection to install a valve open by a large solenoid valve control.
Photoelectric speed measuring device attached to the tip of the barrel. Adjustment gauge, make hockey achieve an impact velocity required standards.
Making the inner diameter of 25mm puck mold. The puck is placed into the barrel inside, opening the solenoid valve, the compressed air to push the puck speed 23m / s impact photovoltaic modules.
Assembly by the pilot after the puck hit by the visual appearance, IV test, insulation resistance test, it is determined if the quality of the components.

Third, the introduction of sub-item
1. Hockey mold:
Standard diameter of 25mm.
Can provide a multi-cavity mold or a mold cavity of a mold according to user needs ice hockey, with other laboratory equipment, such as high and low temperature test box making hockey.

2. Electrical control:
Computer controlled stepper drives and launchers, the experimental data is fed back to the controller, HMI as operator terminals, with external printer form experimental data report.

3. It recommends working conditions:
Power Requirements: 220V ± 5%, single phase, 50Hz.
Rated power: 2KW (including air compressors)

4. Instrument Accessories
Computers and printers (including instrument operating software)
Hockey batch container (stored with the puck)
A refrigerator (storage puck use)
An air compressor
An analytical balance (precision 0.01g, the maximum range 200g)

Technical Parameters

Standard puck Diameter: 25mm series
Hockey quality standards: 7.53g ± 2% Series
Standard puck speed: 23.0m / s ± 2% Series
(Other specifications negotiable)

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