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  • Product Notes: PV thermal cycle chamber / heat chamber / wet chamber / wet freeze chamber
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PV thermal cycle chamber / heat chamber / wet chamber / wet freeze chamber

PV chamber / PV module temperature and humidity cycling chamber is mainly used with the photovoltaic industry and the solar industry the necessary test equipment used to test photovoltaic modules, mainly silicon components, Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules, ground with thin film photovoltaic modules and a series of off-volt pieces were heat, cold, alternating hot and humid degree or temperature changes in the environment parameters and performance test after constant;. parameters and performance temperature changes in the environment or constant humidity test apply after school, factories, military, and research position, and other units。

Test methods to meet:

This product meetsGB/T19394.-2003 test ; GB/T9535.-1998 test ; GB/T6492-1986、GB/T6494、GB/T6497、SJ/T2196; IEC61345-1998; IEC61646、IEC61215And other national standards, as well as other relevant standards. Strictly in accordance with GB 10592—89《High and low temperature Technical conditions》、GB10586-89《Heat chamber Technical conditions》Design and manufacturing, while meeting IEC61215-2005Temperature, humidity corresponding standard specification will be a variety of high and low temperature heat alternating Environmental Testing。

Technical Parameters:


Studio Size: D * W * H 1000*1000*1500 unit:MM

1、temperature range:-40℃~100℃

Alternating temperature range:-40℃~100℃

2、Humidity range:20%~98%R·H(40~90℃)(Controllable adjustable)

Alternating humidity:75%~95%R·H(25~85℃)

3、Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.5℃

4、Temperature deviation degree:≤±2℃

5、Humidity deviation:+2、-3%R·H

6、Ramp rate:1.0~3.4℃/min(Linearly adjustable)

7、time limit:0~9999H Adjustable

8、Power supply:ACø3 380V 50Hz

9、Total power:32KW、38KW

Meet the test indicators:

Thermal cycle test:

PV modules in wind speed of not less than 2m·S-1Within the test space, temperature-40℃±2℃ And 85℃±2℃Between cycles

--- Wet cold (frozen) test:

At room temperature environment PV modules into the test chamber, complete 10 cycles. Maximum and minimum temperature should be set at a value of & plusmn; less than 2 ℃, each above room temperature, the relative humidity should be maintained at the set value of & plusmn; 5% R & middot; H within。


1、The shell is made of high quality steel A3(t=1.2mm)CNC machining, surface spray, clean and beautiful;

2、Insulation material: high-density glass fiber cotton insulation thickness100mm;

4、Mixing system: the use of the long axis of the fan motor, high temperature resistance of stainless steel multi-blade impeller, the intensity of convective vertical diffusion cycle;

Heating system

1、Nickel alloy using far-infrared high-speed warming(3KW×3)Electric heaters;

2、High-temperature system is completely independent and does not affect low temperature test, high temperature and humidity test;

Humidification system

1、External boiler steam humidifier;

2、With a water level automatic compensation, water alarm system;

3、Far infrared stainless steel high-speed heating(0.75KW×4)Electric heaters;

4、Humidity control are used P . I . D +S . S . R,Co-channel coordinated control system。

Control System

Temperature and humidity control instrument display the full import of large screen (5.7-inch LED LCD display), the screen is simple to operate, easy to edit programs without key input, screen direct touch option. Accuracy: 0.1 ℃ (display range); Resolution:±0.1℃;

Refrigeration systems

1、Compressor: full closure Taikang fully enclosed or semi-enclosed Germany Copeland;

2、Cooling way: dual-cascade refrigeration; condensation: forced air; or circulating water cooling


4、Dry filter, refrigerant flow windows, repair valves, oil separator, solenoid valve, liquid tube adopts imported parts;

Protection System

The protection device functions are perfect。

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