• Product name: Mechanical load test machine
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  • Added time: 2016-01-18
  • specification: SHA-PV-MT
  • Product Notes: Mechanical load testing machine | mechanical load test machine
  • Product Category: Photovoltaic Test Site
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Mechanical load testing machine | mechanical load test machine
Refer IEC 61215-2005, IEC 61646-2008, UL 1703-2004And other relevant provisions of the design and manufacturing standards, to determine the PV modules used to verify withstand wind, snow or ice cover in different mounting angle static and dynamic load capacity。

一、Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:2400×1200mm W×D(Or on the basis of calls for)

Component surface load:1465~5400Pa

Control mode: PC computer Windows XP Platform

二、The main function

Mechanical load test machine used to verify the determining component is subjected to wind installed in different angles, snow or ice cover and other static and dynamic load capacity. This machine is used to detect the compressive strength of PV modules, dynamic holding pressure technology, simulate load test, in order to understand the products under load state, under pressure. This machine adopts Load Cell sensor, the computer analysis of the resistance value and direct display, or set the constant pressure, the pressure for some time holding。

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