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  • Product Notes: PV module hot spot endurance test machine | sunlight simulation | light Aging Tester
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PV module hot spot endurance test machine | sunlight simulation | light Aging Tester

PV module hot spot endurance test machine, the steady-state solar simulator(PV Module Hot-spot endurance tester instrument)

Technical Parameters

Effective irradiation:2000×1000mm (W×D)
Radiation intensity:1000W/m2/310~2800nm Controllable
Radiation intensity:Continuously adjustable, to ensure uniformity of the test plane for irradiation±5%(Blevel)
Test temperature:25~50℃
Irradiance, temperature control: industrial touch screen + PLC programmable logic controller
I-V Output: PC

main feature

The instrument is still swarm technology hot spot endurance test machine specially designed PV industry. Refer IEC 61215-2005、IEC 61646-2008、IEC 61730:2-2004、UL 1703-2004And other standards, temperature, light irradiance automatic control; configuration radiometer irradiance can be controlled and corrected so that the irradiance stable at a specified illumination, while the test time control. The instrument used to determine the components of the heating capacity of the hot spot effect, as this effect may result in melting or welding package degradation. The battery does not match or cracks, internal connection failure, is locally blackout or dirty will cause such defects。

Instrument Description

1.light source:
Because the test requires irradiance1000W/m2/295~3000nm(Spectral MatchingB level),Effective irradiation area 2m×1m,maintain ±5% Uniformity within。
Technology Group is still hot spot endurance test machine imported light and EPS, irradiation on the photovoltaic module, with a total test time of 5 hours。

Power source:700~1000KW/unit
Lamp Life:Warranty 1000 hour
Spectral calibration range:310~2800nm

2.Electrical control:
Industrial touch screen + PLC programmable controller automatic control
Storage, printing function irradiance, temperature, IV curve and data。
Users can request to PC computer control,Windows XP User interface, the software interface can be adjusted according to user needs on-site。

3.Cabinet making materials:
Box liner are made of SUS304 # stainless steel plate
Shell is made of SUS304 # stainless steel brushed or rolled steel sheet electrostatic spraying

4.Hardware Overview:
Internal chamber size: aboutW2200mm×D1100mm×H1000mm
Internal chamber size: aboutW2290mm×D1400mm×H1500mm

5.Host Requirements working conditions:
Power requirements:380V±5%,Single-phase three-wire,50Hz。
Use of the environment:5~35℃、Humidity, away from the wall about300mm,Ventilated, clean indoor environment。

6.Instrument Accessories
Computers and printers (including instrument operating software)
Solar radiation intensity meter set (outside the school with)
Options: infrared photography instrument, visor, IV curve tester...

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