• Product name: UV aging chamber
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  • specification: SZW-UV
  • Product Notes: UV aging chamber | UV aging chamber | UV light resistance climate chamber
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UV aging chamber | UV aging chamber | UV light resistance climate chamber

Product manual:
■UV aging box Usage
 The series of products for non-metallic materials resistant to sunlight and artificial aging test source。
■UV aging cabinet structure
Box with CNC machining shape, nice shape, for the two-way clamshell lid, easy to operate。

Box liner imported high grade stainless steel, A3 steel box outside the gall spray, increasing the appearance of texture and cleanliness。
Heating tank for the interior heating, heating up fast, uniform temperature distribution。
Back to the drainage system using the scroll type and U-type dust collector drain, user-friendly cleaning。
■UV aging chamber control system
Black aluminum connecting temperature sensors, instrument control heating temperature using the blackboard, the temperature more stable。
Radiometer probe uses fixed, without every loading。
The amount of radiation measured with high precision display and special UV irradiation total。
Radiation of not more than50W/ m2。
Light and condensation can be independently controlled to control alternating cycles。
Independent control of time and alternating light and condensation cycle time control can be set in one thousand hours。
■UV aging box standard
GB/T14522-93 GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96;ASTM D4329、D499、D4587、D5208、G154、G53;ISO 4892-3、ISO 11507;EN534;PREN 1062-4、BS 2782;JIS D0205;SAE J2020
UV aging box standard

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